Roman Sandoval
January 6, 2019
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What is branded entertainment?

Branded entertainment was born with the idea of subtly promoting a brand’s product into an entertainment environment; for instance, James Bond drinking a Heineken or driving an Aston Martin are just some examples of product placement that we have recently seen in movies.

The most successful forms of branded entertainment are very understated, and the audience may not even realize it is branded entertainment at first. If the brand message is too heavy-handed, it can be a major turnoff for viewers and consumers. The trick to this is to find a medium where your brand fits in naturally. Authenticity is very important to today’s consumers, particularly young adults and teens. An authentic entertainment medium will go a long way towards making the brand feel accessible.

As technology continues to develop and the economy changes, companies need to use new forms of advertising and be creative to make an impact. Branded entertainment has grown steadily in popularity and prevalence, and it is sure to continue to grow with time. As branded entertainment makes its way into the gaming industry, it will be interesting to see how companies and game developers work together to create high quality content that works with popular brands.

Several brands, such as Mercedes or Under Armour, have already created gaming branded entertainment campaigns as part of their marketing experience:

Nobody would believe us, yet, if we said that the current advertising world is dead, but if the CMO of a Fortune500 company like Mastercard says it, it is something that we should at least consider. The “priceless” company has been one of the leaders in creating experiences around the customers instead of interrupting them, and they are now going towards gaming and esports. Like Mastercard, we believe that branded experience is the future of advertising, and gaming can provide brands the final link between their products and the customer.

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