Roman Sandoval
January 6, 2019
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The Diverse Profile Of Gamers

Many people when they think about video game players they think that the average gamer is:

However, it looks like this:


Since video games and technology, in general, are much more accessible now than they used to be, the archetype of a gamer is very different than what it was in the 1990s and 2000s. Next, we are going to destroy the four fallacies/misconceptions that we hear on a daily basis about gamers.

First Fallacy: “video games are exclusively for kids”

Only 28% of video game players are under the age of 18, that is 71% of gamers are adults. In particular, 18 to 35-year-olds make up 29% of players, 36 to 49-year-olds make up 20%, and 23% of gamers are over 50 years old.

Second Fallacy: “gamers = males”

Data proof that 45% of gamers in the US are female. Therefore, and taking into account that 60% of Americans play some sort of video game every day, it means that from the 195M Americans that play every single day, 88M are females and 107M are males.

Third Fallacy: “video games are a bad influence”

Recent studies (click here for report) proof that playing video games can help people develop higher cognitive skills. Especially, when playing fast-paced games users need to develop higher connectivity and association skills which overall improve their logic and memory. From a brand perspective, this means that video games are actually the perfect form of branded entertainment. Since gamers need to be so engaged during the game to be successful, they will develop a stronger brand affiliation with your company and have a much better idea of the benefits your product actually offers than they would with branded video or social media content. This strong brand impression can make a huge difference in your reach and eventually in your sales as well.

Fourth Fallacy: “gamers are not social”

Multiplayer games are very popular, with 56 percent of frequent gamers playing multiplayer games at least once a week. In fact, the biggest game out there right now, Fortnite (click here to see our Fortnite post), is multiplayer and you can play with your friends forming teams.


Video games are for everyone, regardless of the region, age, and race. Brands need to start looking into gaming, as there are 1 billion people with the perfect demographics that are entertained playing video games every single day. Video games and product placement will allow brands to engage with higher-than-average-cognitive-skills people, instead of interrupting their experience on TV, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,… Marketer, this is the new revolution, welcome to the era of Product Placement in videogames.

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