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Look, we’re not looking for individual jobs, so it’s weird for us to determine a price for our hour of work. Price will depend on the specs of the gig. What we can assure you, is we have a very nice product, both because its reach and its engagement with our fans. 

Thing is the tone of the game is really special (in the sense it has a very irreverent kind of humor). This means that, for once, we connect pretty well with a specific type of audience (think of people who love TV shows like “Rick&Morty” or movies like “The Hangover”), But this also means that if your product is in our game… it will be a wild ride. We’d love to make it shine (more than just a product placement), like giving the product its own plotline and art. But, of course, it’d be a very irreverent absurd plotline. If you’re down for that, we can assure you our audience will love that kind of collaboration. And our audience are not just players… they’re fans that are constantly creating content such as fanart or cosplay. 

Have a nice day! 

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