Roman Sandoval
January 6, 2019
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Fortnite Is The New Kylie Jenner

At this point, you’ve probably heard of Kylie Jenner; she’s the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, a makeup mogul, and an Instagram star. But there’s also a good chance that Fortnite also rings a bell, even if you don’t play video games. This is because Fortnite is the biggest video game on the planet in terms of engagement. It’s a global sensation that’s captured the attention of millions of players and continues to grow every day. Just like Kylie Jenner captivated the world and kept them coming back to her Instagram day after day for new makeup posts and behind the scenes shots, Fortnite has done the same with video games.


Fortnite was released in 2017 as an online game and has since expanded into several different iterations, with the free Battle Royale mode as well as versions for PC, Mac, Android and iOS, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. In the free mode, you battle players from all over the world on one huge map. For the most invested players, there are also standard and deluxe campaign packs that are released every so often to keep the challenge of the original game going. Fortnite is so captivating because there are so many complex elements to it — there’s detailed, challenging combat, but there’s also world building and appealing characters. The game also feels very accessible, so it’s a good entry point into the world of video games for anyone who hasn’t explored them in the past.

Let’s look at the data

Fortnite has developed a reach that has shocked even those in the video game industry. The game has more than 125 million players (source here) and they had 80M people playing Fortnite in August. Considering that the average Fortnite play session lasts around 54 minutes and assuming video game benchmarks of 15 sessions per month, that gives an astonishing 1bn hours of playing time every single month! Considering that Youtube’s overall exposure is 30bn hours per month (source here), Fortnite is getting closer to have the same exposure as Youtube! Assuming an engagement of 3M people on Kylie’s photo’s and stories, her exposure is about 4M hours per month (250x lower than Fortnite!). In fact, 4M hours of engagement per month is closest to mobile games like Top Speed, a game with 12M downloads and a monthly exposure of 3.8M hours.

Finally, the latest proof that Fortnite has taken over the entire world, is the fact that WallStreet analysts are already considering Fortnite more important than cryptocurrencies. During the Q3 earnings reports, the S&P500 companies mentioned Fortnite 54 times, while cryptocurrencies only 45 times! (Source here)

These numbers are proof of an interesting and exciting trend. Video games are one of the most reliable ways to reach consumers, particularly young, hip consumers. Video games keep players coming back every day, and they provide a depth of engagement that you just don’t get through social media posts. While many brands are using Instagram to reach a new demographic of consumers, it’s really video games they should be looking at as a new marketing tool. Video games are extremely effective forms of branded entertainment because they are so engaging and capture user’s attention in a very unique way. Instead of reaching out to an Instagram influencer, consider working with a hot new video game developer instead.

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