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  • Levi’s Jeans

    Posted September 13, 2018 4 Bids Fashion, Fighting, OtherNot Sure13-21, 22-29 $80,000.00

    New Jeans Collection

  • Delta Elite in action game

    Posted September 9, 2018 4 Bids Action RPG, ShooterGraphic, Realistic22-29, 30-40 $35,000.00

    Delta Elite is one of the biggest gun manufacturers in the world. We want to create a brand awareness campaign on a shooting game. The game needs to be an action…

  • Northface Christmas campaign

    Posted September 9, 2018 3 Bids Action RPG, Sports games, Stategy, SurvivalGraphic, Realistic22-29, 30-40 $40,000.00

    We want to promote our products in an adventure game. The main character will wear our jackets. It would be ideal but not required if the user could choose between…

  • Zara christmas 2018 campaign

    Posted September 9, 2018 3 Bids FashionRealistic13-21, 22-29 $40,000.00

    We are looking for fashion games that are have already a game in the market. We will share all the collection and decide with the developer which clothes better fit…

  • Reebok UFC in-game character

    Posted September 9, 2018 4 Bids Fighting, Sports games, StategyGraphic, Realistic13-21, 22-29 $70,000.00

    We are looking for any fighting game in order to promote our apparel for UFC. We are going to promote the game that we select in our social media, and…

  • Mazda MX5 Q1 2019

    Posted September 9, 2018 1 Bid Racing, Sports gamesRealistic22-29, 30-40 $120,000.00

    Racing is in our blood. It’s what fuels our challenger spirit, and it’s at the very core of our DNA. We started racing in 1968, and we’ve never looked back.…

  • Christmas campaign for Acura NSX

    Posted September 9, 2018 1 Bid Racing, Sports gamesGraphic, Realistic22-29, 30-40 $50,000.00

    We have a new campaign of the Acura NSX starting in March 2019. We want to get promote it in an authentic way. We are open for creative suggestions, the…

  • Market intelligence on our flavours

    Posted September 8, 2018 3 Bids AllAbstract, Graphic, Realistic13-21, 22-29, 30-40 $15,000.00

    Rockstar Energy Drink is available in more than 20 flavors and in more than 30 countries. We are looking for authentic experiences that connect our product with the users. Our…

  • Meller Sunglasses

    Posted September 2, 2018 3 Bids AllAbstract, Graphic, Realistic22-29, 30-40 $5,000.00

    We are launching new sunglasses, and we want to put them in real videogames. We are interested only in performance campaigns, so  games that allow to send email marketing campaigns…