Roman Sandoval
January 6, 2019
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Benefits of Branded Entertainment in Gaming

Branded entertainment has been a marketing trend for several years, but in the past, it has been used mainly in television and web video. Now, many companies are turning to the gaming industry to create unique branded content that really connects with consumers. Regardless of what industry you are in, there are many benefits to using branded entertainment in gaming.

Here are the specific advantages of using branded gaming to reach your target audience.

Authentic Message and Experience

One of the things that often frustrates consumers about traditional forms of advertising, like TV commercials or magazine ads, is that it interrupts the consumer experience. Branded entertainment eliminates this problem by putting the advertising into the game in a very authentic way. Consumers stay completely engrossed in the experience of the game the entire time, but they still get the brand message through the gameplay in a way that feels genuine. Authenticity is very important to today’s consumers, and they are likely to respond well to this type of advertising when it feels natural and is a good fit for the game.

Virtual Product Experience

Another reason why branded entertainment works so well in gaming specifically is that it gives players a scenario in which they can try the product or service virtually. This is implemented in the game as part of the overall experience to build brand equity and recognition. When players have a good experience with the game, they are likely to equate it to a good experience with the product or service in real life and are therefore more likely to become a customer.

Target Specific Demographics

Gaming has a major advantage over television when it comes to branded entertainment, and that is that companies can use gaming for ultra-specific consumer targeting. The technology exists for companies to target only specific users within the game that meet their criteria, which results in a more efficient and effective advertising experience. This way, users who are most likely to respond to the brand presence will see it, but users who don’t fit the target demographic or have otherwise indicated that they aren’t interested won’t be bothered by it. This ultra-targeted form of advertising allows your brand to reach consumers who may otherwise never have heard of it.

Huge Reach

Video games have a huge reach that many companies aren’t even considering when putting together their advertising strategy. Roughly 500 million people play video games on a daily basis, and 60 percent of Americans play at least one video game per day, whether that’s just on their cell phones or on a larger console or computer. The reach of the video game industry means that you can make a huge impact by using branded games.

Whether you want to reach a broad new audience or improve your brand perception among a specific demographic, video games offer huge potential. Branded entertainment in gaming is poised to become a huge trend in marketing, and developing your strategy now can make you one of the first companies to reach consumers using this vehicle.

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